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What is 'Mechanical Music' or 'Automatic Music' ?

You may already be familiar with the terms and enjoying the delights & beauty of such magical musical instruments !

From the earliest days in history we have enjoyed all kinds of musical sounds from the simplest of rhythms to the melodious richness of an orchestra. Add that with another of mans great passions, to invent & construct, mechanisms have been created over many centuries to play all kinds of musical instruments by themselves.

Mechanical Musical Instruments

From a simple tuned steel comb plucked by pins set into a revolving cylinder to create the music box, to complex piano orchestrions containing, not only a piano forte, but hundreds of pipes who's sound comes from air and various percussion to give added effects all playing instantaneously via perforated music paper !

If you have never had the joy of experiencing some of these wonderful instruments, then you must visit one of the specialist museums around the world as soon as you can. You are sure to enjoy and become addicted to the sound of these marvelous automatic music machines ! For museums & collections, please see our links page by clicking here : mechanical music links

A Mechanical Musical Instrument can bring so much entertainment & fun to ones life; they really are a delight to collect. There is such a vast array of automatic music around that no matter what your taste in music, there is something for you.

We are sure that if you are a lucky owner of one of our Teánola Music Boxes or Teánola Mechanical Organs it will give you many years of fun and perhaps even start you on the road to build your own entire mechanical music collection !


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