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The words 'Barrel Organ' or 'Organ Grinder' probably conjure an array of images in your mind. The magical sound from the Victorian era of the man turning the handle of his barrel organ playing melodies of the time for passers by to enjoy.

The mechanical barrel organ is known to have existed from as early as the 1100's and probably earlier. However it is much later that the portable barrel organ started to become apparent around the 1700's.

With another 100 years of development the general appearance & construction of the 1800's barrel organ remained almost the same from then on. Having a pinned wooden barrel programmed with the music, these barrel organs generally only played between 8 & 10 tunes with a short melody length of between 1 to 3 minutes.

Organ Grinder, Barrel Organ, Street Organ, Monkey Organ, Organette, Drehorgel, Orgue de Barbarie

The barrels could be changed, but were a large component to carry. With this problem in mind early manufacturers developed a new system 'Cartons Perforés'. This was patented by Gavioli & Cie, Paris in 1882 & used folded cardboard books perforated with holes to store the music. Instead of marking the musical arrangement onto a limited size wooden barrel, the folding card book enabled much longer melodies and greater choice.

Teánola Street Organ

The Teánola Mechanical Organ has been developed using the traditional techniques of the old masters from around 1885 playing by 'Cartons Perforés' Perforated Book Music. The folding card music is placed between the rollers & by cranking the handle the mechanical action creates a melodious rich tone from the brass reeds. A beautiful mechanical organ perfect for home use and easily transported for outside entertainment.

< Teánola with oak veneered case


Enjoy music from over 100 years ago as well as popular melodies of today!

MP3 Sample Clips (30 seconds 470KB) :
Aces High March
Je Vous Aime Et J'En Meurs Waltz
Juli Serenade
La Paloma
The Merry Widow Waltz
New York, New York
Tales From The Vienna Woods
Valencia !

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Full Length Clips :

Teánola Barrel Organ

Aces High March (3.6 MB)
Juli Serenade (1 MB)
The Merry Widow Waltz (1.9 MB)
Tales From The Vienna Woods (4.2 MB)

Je Vous Aime (1 MB)
La Paloma (1.5 MB)
New York, New York (1.2 MB)
Valencia ! (1.6 MB)

Carved Wooden Façade

Technical :
14 Key (Touches) Mechanical Action
14 Brass Reeds
Oak Veneered Case
Leathered Bellows
Plays many styles of music - Classical, Waltzes, Mazurka's, Dances, Polka's, Songs & Marches.

< Carved Wooden Façade available as an add on extra.

Dimensions : 40 x 30 x 31.5cm (Inches : 15 3/4" x 12" x 12 1/2") approximately
Weight : 8.5kg's (18.7 lbs) approximately

Price around £2,295.00 GBP
+ Shipping

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