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Hand Carved Wood Carvings For Street Organs

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Hand made wooden carvings for ornate street organ façades.

A selection of small scrolls & centers hand carved from wood. Ideal for fancy miniature fairground style street organ fronts and decoration. In natural wood, they can be painted, varnished or stained.

Wood Carved Scrolls For Street Organs Wood Carvings For Street Organs Wooden Scroll CarvingsCarved Wooden Ribbon Center

Wood Carving, Wood Scrolls, Hand Carved Wooden Scrolls & Carvings

Scrolls approx. 11cm & 20.5cm tall

Centre Shell approx. 9.3cm tall

Centre Ribbon approx. 19cm long

Example small street organ façade (measures approx. 59cm x 46cm)

Teanola Street Organ Carved Wooden Facade

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